Startup launched the world's smallest 1000W power station-Fremo X700

2021-12-08 08:18:54 By : Ms. Clouby Zheng

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With their existing portable battery and power bank products, they have upgraded the Fremo X700 to their product lineup. Its compact size and cutting-edge design make it a worthy competitor among similar products.

Fremo focuses on making it user-friendly through an automated interface. The modern control panel screen on the top of the device changes according to the selected function. Fremo X700 has a 700Wh capacity, 1000W output, and a peak power of 1200W. With a maximum input of 180W, it can charge the X700 from 0% to 80% in just 3 hours. In addition, it also supports 100W solar input, which is very suitable for off-grid expeditions.

The world's smallest portable power station

Fremo X700 is the world's smallest LiFePO4 portable power station, which can provide high-efficiency power for any electronic device. It is as small as A4 size bond paper. It is very useful for people who like to travel and camp, beach vacations and other activities, and it is very suitable for use during power outages.

X700 comes with a convenient detachable magnetic flashlight. It is very suitable for emergency use or disconnection for more than 12 hours. Fremo X700 will be on sale on Kickstarter, starting at $549. 

The startup Fremo was established in 2020 as a product team invested by battery manufacturer Scud. 

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