10kVA( 10000W) Off-Grid solar hybrid inverter Solar Engineering Powerwall Home Battery system

System list:10KVA(10000W) Off-Grid solar hybrid inverter, Solar Engineering home systemSystem Component NameModelSpecificationsQtyPackingOtherSolar panelsWarranty: 10 yearsMonocrystalline36V300W32pcs1950*990*40mm/pc21.5kg/pc Smart PV combiner boxWarranty: 2 years8 in 1 out8 in 1 out2pcs400*420*145mm/pc9.5kg/pc&nbs

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10kVA(10000W) Off-Grid solar hybrid inverter Solar Engineering Powerwall Home Battery system
10kVA(10000W) Off-Grid solar hybrid inverter Solar Engineering Powerwall Home Battery system

System list:
10KVA(10000W) Off-Grid solar hybrid inverter, Solar Engineering home system
System Component NameModelSpecificationsQtyPackingOther
Solar panels
Warranty: 10 years
Smart PV combiner box
Warranty: 2 years
8 in 1 out8 in 1 out2pcs400*420*145mm/pc
Solar panel cable
Warranty: 10 years
4m2red:100m; black:100m200m/set150*200*200mm 
MC4 Connector
Warranty: 10 years
1 in 1 out1 in 1 out1set20*20*20mm 
Solar panel bracket
Warranty: 10 years
CRoof, Galvanized1 setorder 
Solar battery
Warranty: 2 years
Solar battery4pcs*12V200AH
(Batteries can be increased)
10000W output: 50 min
4pcs*12V200AH=48V200AHapproximate back-up time
More welcome to consult us.
5000W output: 100 min
8pcs*12V200AH=48V400AH10000W output: 100 min
8pcs*12V200AH=48V400AH5000W output: 200 min
Off-Grid solar hybrid inverter
Warranty: 2 years
AC output: 230V, 50~60Hz, <20ms;
AC charging Input Voltage:90~280V;
AC charging input current: 60A*2;
MPPT solar charge current: 40A*2
DC Voltage of battery/solar: 48V;
Inverter Output Power:
Max AC 10000W

Surge Output Power:
Max 20000VA=W, <5s
Battery wire 48V
Warranty: 10 years
1500mm*20m2Positive/Negative: 1500mm/per2pcs10*200*200mm 
Battery wire 12V
Warranty: 10 years
Lighting arrester:
Double-hole T-needle
Warranty: 10 years 
1000mm*Φ16mmUnderground, Galvanized2pcs20*20*1000mm+USD 10.0
lightning conductor 
Warranty: 10 years
Φ16*L500*W100mmRoof, Galvanized8pcs40*500*100mm+USD 20.0
High Voltage Grounding Wire20m*16m2Copper wire50morder+USD100.0
Connection terminalΦ16Galvanized14pcs10*10*10mm+USD 6.0

     Solar off-grid system is a PV power generation system which power the load though solar modules and solar controller inverter all in one, 
    and charge the battery when there is excess power. 
     It mainly includes PV panels and frames, combiner box, batteries, etc. 
    The system is widely used in village family, school, office building, communication base station and other places without electricity or stable mains supply. 

     On grid solar system can convert solar energy to electricity, 
     and send the electricity to mains power grid through on-grid inverter without battery. 
     It mainly includes solar modules, mounting brackets, combiner box, solar on-grid inverter, distribution box and other equipments. 
     It is widely used in residential building, office building, college, plant and PV power station. 

     Introduction to  PV off-grid system

1. Off-grid photovoltaic power generation
    Off-grid photovoltaic power generation also named individual photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic grid can covert the solar energy into electrical energy when it is sun , it can providing electricity  through the charge and discharge controller of the solar energy ,charging the storage battery as well ; when there is no sun ,the storage battery can provide electricity to the DC load and to the stand-alone inverters directly , then the DC become AC through the stand-alone inverters, then the electricity is available to the AC load.

2. The advantage of PV off-grid
    (1) Easing install and operation, economic and inflexible.
    (2)Generating and providing electricity separately, the electricity-providing system is reliable; it is easy to maintenance locally.
    (3)This system drived by the green energy, it has the advantages of energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental-friendly. It does not consume other kind of energy.
    (4) Solving the problems of no electricity and lack of electricity and bad quality of electricity-providing efficiently.

3. The applicable area of PV off-grid generate system
    It is applicable to the area of low capacitance and great separation. such as isolated mountain area , no electricity covered area , island , communication foundation and street light.

4. The formation of the PV off-grid
    Solar panel: covert solar energy into electrical energy.
    Charge controller: prevent storage battery from over charge , over discharge , counter charge , over current and over loading.
     Inverter: transit the low-voltage DC into normal AC.
    Connector:  making sure the line connect steadily with every device.

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