Pure Sine Wave Output DC to AC 3000W Solar Power Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Output Dc To Ac 3000W Solar Power InverterKey Features:1.Pure sine wave output2.The charging current is big up to 85 Amp3.Output power factor is 0.9-14.Output socket optional5.Battery type can be select6.Output voltage and frequency can be set7.Charge current can adjust8.Battery temperature sense optional9.Connect

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Pure Sine Wave Output Dc To Ac 3000W Solar Power Inverter

Key Features:

1.Pure sine wave output
2.The charging current is big up to 85 Amp
3.Output power factor is 0.9-1
4.Output socket optional
5.Battery type can be select
6.Output voltage and frequency can be set
7.Charge current can adjust
8.Battery temperature sense optional
9.Connect to generator restart function
10.Well accept generator's output
11.Full automatical and silent operation
12.Automatically transfer between battery and line modes
13.Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
14.Remote control function
15.Four-steps intelligent charging control to recharging time
16.Bypass function

Supply the reliable long back up time power for the home appliances and office appliances Solar power systems etc.

 1.Dry contact
2.Inverter output protect
3.Charge input protect
5. Intelligent slot
6. Remote port
7. Pure sine wave output
Product Description

Technical Specification of Pure Sine Wave Inverter IG3115 Series:
MODELIG3115CL 1-6KW Pure Sine wave Output Inverter
Input  Wave formSine wave (utility or generator)
Nominal Voltage230Vac (120Vac optional)
Low voltage trip90v ±4% & 184v/154v ±4%
Low voltage re engage100v ±4% & 194v/164v±4%
High voltage trip140v ±4% & 253v ±4%
High voltage re engage135v ±4% & 243v±4%
Nominal Input Frequency50Hz/ 60Hz (auto detection)
Frequency range47Hz~65Hz
Output Wave form(Bypass mode)same as input
Efficiency on line transfer mode≥95%+
Line transfer time10ms Typical
Bypass without battery connectedYes
Inverter specification/output
Output wave formPure sine wave
Output continuos power watts1000150020003000400050006000
Output continuos power VA1000150020003000400050006000
Power factor0.9-1.0
Nominal Output Voltage rms230Vac (120Vac optional)
Output Voltage regulation+/- 10%rms
Output frequency50Hz ± 0.3Hz or 60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Safety Certification>88%
Surge ratings3000450060009000120001500018000
Short circuit protectionYes,fault after 1 secs
Inverter specification/input
Nominal input voltage12V/24V/48V
Minimum start voltage10V/20V/40V
Low battery alarm10.5V/21V/42V
Low battery trip10V/20V/40V
High voltage alarm16V/32V/64V
Power saverSame switched on/off on remote
Charger mode specification
Output voltageDependent on battery type
Charge current0-85A MAX
Battery initial voltage for start up0-15.7v for 12v(*2 for 24v;*4 for 48v;*8 for    96v)
Over charge protection shutdown15.7v for 12v(*2 for 24v;*4 for 48v;*8 for 96v)
Charger curves(4stage constant curren)battery types
4 step digital controlled progressive charge
Battery typeFast V        Fast V(*2 for 24v;*4 for 48v)
Gel U.S.A14                       13.7
A.G.M. 114.1                    13.4  
A.G.M. 214.6                    13.7 
Sealed lead acid14.4                    13.6
Gel euro14.4                    13.8
Open lead acid14.8                    13.3
Calcium15.1                    13.6
De-sulphation15.5 for 4 hrs
Remote control/RS232/USBYes. Optional

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