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2021-12-14 23:43:17 By : Ms. Jane Tao

In the Renewable Energy (RES) sales auction held in November last year, the group won the right to sell energy in some small and large-scale projects with a capacity of nearly 400 MWp in Poland. In June this year, it has signed the construction of 135 projects. Investment portfolio agreement for photovoltaic farms. Nomad Electric will build 72 photovoltaic power plants, Onde will build 63 photovoltaic power plants

The main objective of the contract is to implement the investment, including the supply, installation, construction and commissioning of a portfolio of photovoltaic power plants located in various parts of Poland. Some projects use tracking systems-so-called solar trackers, which allow photovoltaic modules to move and position in the best direction and the best angle to the sun. The scope of work does not include the supply of photovoltaic modules and inverters. The value of the project executed by Nomad Electric is close to 170 million zloty (37 million euros), and the value of the project executed by Onde is 164 million zloty (36 million euros). Nomad Electric is an entity that provides services in the fields of photovoltaic installation design and turnkey projects (EPC) and services and maintenance (Operations & Maintenance). The company provides services for projects up to 1 MWp and larger large-scale installations. This year alone, the company has completed about 80 Mwp of photovoltaic projects.

Onde is a leading infrastructure contractor in the field of renewable energy, especially wind farms and photovoltaic power plants in Poland. It also conducts business in the field of road and engineering construction, and implements road infrastructure investment in Poland. The company operates within the Erbud Group. Onde will be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in July 2021.

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